Valid air travel reasons outlined

State of Emergency Controller and Police Commissioner, David Manning, has issued an Emergency Direction listing the valid reasons for air travel.

Manning said whilst measures are in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, consideration is also being given to citizens who wish to travel by air.

Under this emergency direction, valid reasons for air travel include:

  • Students returning to their usual place of residence or returning to their educational institution (one way tickets will be issued);
  • Persons returning to their usual place of residence (one way tickets will be issued);
  • Essential services;
  • Essential exempted business travel; and
  • Emergency transport, including but not limited to repatriation of deceased persons.

All persons travelling must fulfil one of the above reasons and be approved by the Controller. This direction is issued as per Emergency Order 7(22).

“Again, as I have stated, emergency orders, directions and restrictions are in place to assist the Government effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are determined to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so I ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation,” Manning said.

Press release