UPNG plans COVID-19 discussion

The University of Papua New Guinea’s Student Representative Council (SRC) will be facilitating a panel discussion on COVID-19 and the rollout of vaccines under the theme; Inform, Educate, Empower.

The date of the panel discussion is yet to be confirmed as the SRC is currently reviewing panellists for the event.

UPNG SRC President, Bradley Yombon Copio, said medical professionals should have educated citizens prior to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines.

“Since many people have doubt about the vaccines and even COVID-19 itself, the government needs to conduct a panel discussion by inviting all our medical professionals in the country and let them discuss the positive and negative impacts of this vaccine,” he stated.

“Within our capacity as UPNG Students Representative Council, we have invited few of the highly educated professionals in the medical field and they will talk to the students of UPNG concerning their views about the COVID-19 vaccines.

“These medical professionals have been serving in this country for years and in such a time as this, we need to hear from them.”

Copio outlined the controversy and numerous conspiracy theories about the vaccines, adding the best approach to combating misinformation is to create an information avenue.

“A few of the medical professionals of PNG have disagreed with the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines while some support the program, and this has caused a lot of inconveniences and created fear.

“The public needs to be well informed educated about this vaccine.”

The panel discussion will be livestreamed on the ‘2021 UPNG SRC’ Facebook page.

Albert Moses