Trade Store owners to receive passes

Trade Store owners in the Central Province will be issued passes to travel to and from Port Moresby to purchase supplies.

Central Governor, Robert Agarobe, said color coded passes will be issued by the Provincial Police Commander with his signature.

Governor Agarobe said under the current lockdown only trade store owners with licenses and permits to operate will be issued passes to travel into Port Moresby and back.

“Passes to be issued by Provincial Police Commanders with colour coding which is orange, and the PPC’s original signature. Without the PPC’s signature, you cannot travel.

“PPC’s to work with Police Station Commanders and each District in liaison with District CEO’s to issue passes to trade store owners who need to come to Port Moresby to purchase their stock. Trade store owners must have on hand their trading permits,” said Governor Agarobe.

With the Parliament recalled to sit tomorrow, the Governor said changes could be made to the arrangement.

“In the event that the SOE is extended, the Provincial Assembly will resort to other measures such as taking the supplies to each District. Meaning we bring in the store supplies back into the Districts where we will allow trade store owners to purchase their supplies.”

“If there needs to be price increases for valid reasons, then it should be no longer than 5 percent.”

Meanwhile, road blocks will be maintained to restrict movement of people in and out of the province.

Cedric Patjole