Tax relief measures announced

The Internal Revenue Commission has released the First Phase of Tax Administrative Relief Measures to respond to taxpayers during the COVID-19 crisis.

In a statement released on March 31st, the Commissioner General, Sam Koim, said “in the face of this crisis, we are immediately responding to keep the taxpaying community’s productive capacity intact as much as possible. Figuratively speaking, we have to keep the cows alive so that they continue to produce the milk after this crisis”.

“Although we as a country have so far been saved from this virus, we are inescapably vulnerable to the impact it will have on our economy.  We are not oblivious to that hence these measures to supplement the Government’s overall stimulus package.

“We are considering our present circumstances as a mild case scenario hence announcing Phase 1. We will assess the circumstances from time to time and initiate Phase 2 and Phase 3, respectively, as and when it is necessary."

IRC is continuing to operate during the shutdown period. IRC has developed a Business Continuity Plan that is being implemented to make sure that taxpayers and the staff are protected whilst key activities of collecting tax revenue for the Government continues uninterrupted during this crisis.

Picture: IRC Commissioner General, Sam Koim (File Image)

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