Tahiti Covid-19 cases near 10,000

French Polynesia has recorded a further 467 Covid-19 cases, raising the pandemic's tally to 9754.

89 people with Covid-19 symptoms are in hospital, including 25 in intensive care.

39 people have died.

All but 62 cases were detected after the borders were reopened in July and mandatory quarantine requirements were abolished to boost tourism.

The government has reinstated support payments for those suffering loss of income because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those eligible include people working in hospitality affected by the curfew which was reinstated last month in view of soaring rates of infection.

The tourism sector said it had been hit by a series of cancellations after France ordered another lockdown last month.

Officials said the move created confusion because it was not made clear that French Polynesia was exempt from the decision in Paris and that tourists were still allowed to travel to Tahiti.