St. John Reports Decline In COVID-19 Cases

The St. John Ambulance has reported zero confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last seven days, seeing a decline in cases.

Chief Executive Officer, Matt Cannon said according to its Ambulance transport data, they responded to 400 emergency incidents across the country with no COVID-19 cases.

On Thursday 30 Dec 2021 to Wednesday 5th January St John Ambulance responded to 71 respiratory cases. About 49 respiratory cases in NCD, Central 8, Morobe 4, Chimbu 5, while East New Britain recorded 5 cases.

“There have been zero confirmed COVID-19 cases attended to by ambulance officers. However, there were 71 respiratory cases.”

Respiratory cases included shortness of breath, cough, pneumonia and other breathing problems.

Mr Cannon said the Ambulance has not confirmed a patient with confirmed COVID-19 in the last week.

Loop Author