The Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council’s Sir Manasupe Haus Building will go into lockdown for four days this week.

Secretary Ivan Pomaleu said today that the Sir Manasupe Haus Building will go into lockdown to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus after the Department recorded cases among staff recently.

He said the four-day lock down is to give time to get the office building deep cleaned as per the technical advice provided by a service provider.

“This is a responsible thing to do to protect the health and well-being of staff of the Department,” Mr Pomaleu said.

“This would also be in keeping with public health obligations to all our stakeholders, which are the Office of the Prime Minister, the National Executive Council Secretariat, all Ministers of the Cabinet and the staff of the Department and their families.

“Following the deep cleaning process, we would revisit the Department’s COVID-19 business continuity plans so that we go back to virtual meeting practices, and/or remote operations of parts of our Department units.

Secretary Pomaleu has also issued a general circular to all staff in the Department to impose the standard COVID-19 Protocols, which may also help to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Freddy Mou