PNGDF to deploy platoon to Wutung Border

A PNG Defence Force Platoon will be deployed to the Wutung Border in West Sepik to beef up security presence and stop border incursions.

The Defence Force Personnel will be deployed over the weekend increasing the current manpower on the ground.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer announced this today in an update on the Governments COVID-219 Response.

“On the issue of the Indonesian border, I can confirm, from the COE Controller and members of the Defence Force that are embedded in NOC19,  that a platoon of 30 Defence Force personnel will be deployed to Vanimo at our border, Wutung, this weekend to beef up our security presence and secure our border because of intelligence reports of border incursions by people coming across the border by boat or some bush tracks. But the border of formally shut,” said Kramer.

He added “Currently now we have 53 (personnel); there’s a team of about 38 infantry, and there’s a small team of about 20, and a five men (unit) that’s been running small boats surveillance.

“So this weekend another 30, a platoon, will be deployed to the border to beef up our security, carry out intelligence assessment, and if and when additional manpower is required and the controller will then make the decision based on advice from the Prime Minister.”

This follows the announcement by Prime Minister, James Marape, on tightened measures to restrict border incursions.

Prime Minister Marape will be speaking to his Australian and Indonesian counterparts on the measures.

Cedric Patjole