People still ignorant: Police

People are still ignorant and not adhering to the Niupela Pasin protocol.

The police and other agencies can only do their best in enforcing the COVID-19 measures.

At the end of the day, an individual is responsible for his or her own health.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Chris Kunyanban, said police have been conducting COVID-19 awareness whenever they can but generally, people are not masking up when they are in public spaces.

“The challenge they are facing is that, a lot of people are very ignorant,” he stated. “That’s one of the challenge that we are facing in assisting the Health Department to do a bit of awareness.

“We’re having issues, especially with the bus as well where a lot of people are not wearing masks.”

Police sometimes stop buses and talk to the drivers and crew, including passengers, on the importance of masking up.

Another challenge faced is the lack of personal protective equipment for law enforcers. Kunyanban said to enforce the COVID-19 protocols, his officers need masks, gloves and sanitisers.

“Sometimes you see us wearing masks, other times our police officers are not wearing masks because we don’t have that luxury.

“So I’m appealing to people responsible for that, please our PPE for frontliners, especially police are part of it as well, we want masks and sanitisers to be issued.”

Carmella Gware