No new coronavirus cases in New Zealand for 21st day

New Zealand has now marked three weeks since its last new case of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

In a statement, the Ministry confirmed another significant cluster had also been closed, bringing the total number of significant clusters closed to 10 out of 16.

A significant cluster is 10 or more cases connected through transmission who are not all part of the same household, and is considered closed when there are no new connected cases for 28 days after the last case is no longer isolated.

The last day that New Zealand reported an active case of Covid-19 was on 22 May.

The ministry said it had completed another 2950 tests, bringing total tests in New Zealand to 304,832.

It said the NZ Covid Tracer app had seen another 4000 registrations, bringing the total to about 550,000, with the number of business QR codes rising to 46,700.

Confirmed cases remained at 1154, with probable cases bringing the total up to 1504.

There were no further deaths, leaving New Zealand's total deaths from the virus at 21.

The Ministry of Health yesterday announced that an independent review of Covid-19 clusters in aged care facilities confirms that the infections were introduced to the facilities by staff or visitors.