No COVID-19 vaccine trial approved: Minister

PNG’s Health Department has not approved the trial of any COVID-19 vaccine.

“I have fielded questions over the last couple of days about trials being carried out in Papua New Guinea,” said Health and HIV/AIDS Minister, Jelta Wong.

“Firstly, let me say that any trial that could potentially be rolled out in Papua New Guinea must first be tabled and scrutinised by the Medical Research Advisory Committee (MRAC) through the National Department of Health. 

“I would like to go on record stating that no such request has been made to MRAC to consider any trials for a COVID-19 vaccine in Papua New Guinea. I can categorically say that no trials are being conducted in country and most importantly, on Papua New Guineans.”

Details of the vaccine used on 48 employees of Ramu NiCo on the 10th of August in China prior to arriving in Port Moresby on the 13th of August are still not known. Controller David Manning has formally written to the Chinese government, through Ambassador Xue Bing, demanding more information. 

“There are currently 6 vaccines that have reached stage 3 of clinical trials globally. There are 4 stages in total. 

“We are awaiting an official position of all trials by the technical expertise made available to us through the World Health Organisation,” Minister Wong said.

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