No confirmed cases: COVID-19 update

As of 4 pm this afternoon, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in PNG.

Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, made the announcement this afternoon in an update to the current efforts undertaken by the Government.

Minister Kramer said tests are being done by the Rapid Response Team on suspected symptoms of COVID-19 in Port Moresby and other centres around the country.

Kramer said the Rapid Response Team that went up to Hidden Valley Mine in Morobe Province and have conducted sampling testing of the 15 people who came into contact with the first case of COVID-19, and were subsequently isolated and monitored.

“The samples have landed in Goroka and we’ve asked for IMR to give it priority, and we should get the test results by lunchtime tomorrow,” said Kramer.

He added “But as far as the mine site is concerned, the epicenter where the index (patient) confirmed symptoms, tests have run and none those 15 have not shown symptoms, but we will wait for the test hopefully tomorrow by lunch time.”

Meanwhile, Minister Kramer said he was unable to get updates from officials conducting contact tracing of passengers who travelled with the country’s only positive case of COVID-19.

“The officer that’s in charge is currently out on the field and I still need to get an update from her on the passengers, the 77 passengers and 7 crews that travelled across from Singapore, as well as the 13 passengers on PX 208.  

Further updates will be announced tomnorrow.


Picture: Police Minister, Bryan Kramer. (Credit: Cedric Patjole)

Cedric Patjole