New pandemic direction for international travel

The National Control Centre has advised of a new pandemic direction relating to international travel measure No 2.

This is an approval process for incoming self-funded international passengers, which will now streamline the processing of all applications to improve the process.

All new applications intended for submission under this new direction will be processed commencing Tuesday the 21st July, 2020; to allow all stakeholders who will be implementing the pre-departure, boarding and arrival process to organise themselves internally for the implementation.

All applications meeting the current requirements will be processed between Saturday the 18th and Monday the 20th of July. Any traveller who wishes to be subjected to the new application process can make their submission on Tuesday the 21st of July.

Details on the new process:

The following documents will only be required for submission

  1. A letter of request containing full name of traveler consistent with passport, date of birth, nationality, passport number, visa type, visa number, visa expiry date, intended arrival date in PNG and preferred quarantine location
  2. An Air Passenger Travel Form completed with factual information- Reliable contact numbers, temporary address must be quarantine location/address.

Further information on this process, including a copy of the Direction, can be obtained by sending your request to emails: and



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