New domestic travel measures

The National Pandemic Control Centre has announced domestic travel restrictions within Papua New Guinea, after twenty five more positive cases of COVID-19 were reported by the authorities.

The travel restrictions were announced after consultations with the airline industry and the Joint Agency Task Force Team in Port Moresby.

The National Pandemic Response Deputy Controller and Acting Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala said the restriction is necessary in containing the widespread transmission of coronavirus.

The new cases that were reported from other provinces in the last five to seven day, surfaced following contact tracing; all those who tested positive had come in contact with a person who had COVID-19, and had travelled to these areas from the National Capital District.

“Effective contact tracing by the provinces have indicated that the transmission was from people who had recently been in Port Moresby. These include the confirmed cases of Western, West Sepik and Southern Highlands Provinces who have been contacts of cases who have been in Port Moresby.

“No domestic flight(s) may occur from one province in PNG to another province in PNG except for cargo flights with no passengers; and medevac flights, unless approved by the Controller or his delegate.

"All domestic flights must comply with hygiene and social distancing restrictions as issued by the Controller and all passengers must complete an Air Passenger Travel Form which is to be submitted to Provincial Health Authority on arrival.

"Roadblocks and restrictions of movement by foot and vessels will be authorized by the Controller.

“All tickets purchased prior to 7 August will be honoured over the weekend. From Monday, passengers must have an approval to travel which will be facilitated by the airline operator."

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