Namah urged to stop grandstanding

Health Minister, Jelta Wong, has urged Opposition Leader, Belden Namah, to stop grandstanding and assist the government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wong said this in response to allegations made by the Opposition Leader that the State of Emergency declared by the Government was illegal.

Minister Wong said everything is done legally adding the Opposition leader is trying to play politics at this time when they are all trying to save the nation.

“I will urge the good Opposition Leader to stop grand standing, come inside do what you wrote on the paper, come inside to the operation center and help us combat this (COVID-19). This is not about opposition, this is not about Government. This is about our people, fighting to make sure we live through COVID-19,” Wong said.

The Minister said he has spoken to members of the Opposition except Namah.

“There some people in the Opposition that I have contacted because, to make sure their Districts are all well looked after. I’m communicating with them.

“I have not communicated with the Opposition Leader because he thinks he’s too high for me to talk to him, so he will call on us when he wants to come down and talk to him,” said Wong.

Cedric Patjole