Namah calls for immediate suspension of Astrozeneca vaccine rollout

Leader of the Opposition, Belden Norman Namah has called on Prime Minister James Marape to immediately suspend the rollout of the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccines until all questions surrounding potential serious side effects are fully resolved.

Namah made the call as almost all countries of Europe halted rollout of this particular vaccine on initial reports of side effects.

Most European countries, except England which produced this vaccine, have halted vaccinations on early reports of blood clotting.

Namah said if Marape insisted on the rollout, him and his front bench cabinet ministers and their families must get vaccinated first.

The Opposition leader claimed that the Government is exposing citizens to potential serious harm and offering them up as laboratory rats or guinea pigs for further testing of the vaccine.

He warned of a far more serious health crisis if the AstraZeneca vaccine causes serious side effects because of the country’s very weak and ill-equipped health system.

“Doctors and vaccine experts around the world are sounding warnings that the vaccinations may lead to more harm than good and we need to listen to these cautions very carefully.

“Unless Prime Minister James Marape has independent scientific verification that these vaccines are 100 percent safe, he cannot risk our citizens.

“The numbers of our dead are not sufficient or significant to press the panic button,” Namah said.

“There maybe underlying reasons for the apparent natural resistance to the Coronavirus so far by Papua New Guineans. The government must establish our people’s resistance to the virus instead of blaming it on there being not enough testing.

“If there is not enough testing as claimed by the executive government and its WHO advisors, our people should be dropping dead under trees and at market places. This is not happening.

“In fact, apart from the media hype and the daily number crunching of those tested, the national health situation is exactly the same as before the pandemic.

“If anything there is more health awareness now which is the most positive outcome of the pandemic scare.”


“The leadership should not expose the people to a new experiment which full benefits and side effects are unknown fully on a global scale at present.”

Namah stressed that the Government has a duty to the people to give full details of the Covid-19 vaccine, about to be rolled-out in the country.

The Australian Government had brought 8,000 Astrozeneca vaccines into the country on Tuesday.

Freddy Mou