Mt Hagen hospital equipped for COVID-19

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is working closely with the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority (WHPHA) to prepare for COVID-19 patients and enhance the capacity of Mount Hagen Hospital.

They aim to achieve this by setting up a dedicated isolation unit.

The unit, which includes a delivery room, can cater for twelve COVD-19 patients. In addition, the isolation unit has dedicated facilities for staff working to provide care to COVID-19 patients, including PPE donning and doffing stations, and an area for disinfection and waste management.

The ICRC also assisted the hospital by establishing two pre-triage tents for the screening of outpatients, the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff, and materials for infection prevention and control.

“COVID-19 is an additional burden for vulnerable communities, who are already experiencing difficulties to access basic services and sustain their livelihood. The ICRC will continue to support people of the Highlands during these challenging times and have adapted our programs accordingly,” said Stephanie Probst, ICRC Head of Sub Delegation in Mount Hagen.

“We are happy that we could support the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority in their essential preparedness efforts, so they will be in a better position to help the community in case of outbreak in the province.”

More generally, in support of health authorities, the ICRC will continue to raise awareness in the community on COVID-19 together with PNG Red Cross Society to prevent the spread of the virus, provide essential equipment to health facilities, train health staff and share technical advice as needed.

The ICRC has been working to protect and assist people affected by violence and tribal fighting in Bougainville and the Highlands of Papua New Guinea since 2012.

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