Govt needs to release COVID-19 data

Opposition Leader Belden Namah has called on Prime Minister James Marape and Police Commissioner David Manning to release data on COVID-19 transmission patterns.

“The controller must tell the people of this country why the hotels, the clubs, the gaming houses need to continue on the lock down.”

“These are businesses which pay tax to our country which generate internal revenue.”

“That is why the controller must specify through contact tracing the mutating patterns of COVID-19,” said Namah.

He also raised the concerns over alleged misuse of funds and assets.

Namah expressed concerns that the impact of the lockdowns the country has been put under have far worse impacts on the people of Papua New Guinea than the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s killing our economy, it’s putting many people off jobs, and it’s closing down businesses and many of our children are going to be left behind in the academic year,” said Namah.  

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