Dr Esorom apologises for naming wrong school

COVID-19 National Control Centre incident manager, Dr Daoni Esorom, has apologised for naming Port Moresby Grammar School as having one of its students testing positive for coronavirus.

Dr Esorom said yesterday the student was in isolation at the Rita Flynn Isolation Centre however, he has retracted that statement.

He confirmed the student is from the Port Moresby International School while the teacher is from the St Joseph’s International Catholic College.

“I sincerely apologise for the wrong information naming Port Moresby Grammar School as having a student testing positive. I apologise also for causing stress and anxiety amongst students, teachers and parents.

“I am aware Port Moresby Grammar has given notice to parents that the school has no COVID-19 case and all was normal at the school and I thank them for that and urge students there to focus on their studies,” Dr Esorom said.

He explained also that any decision to close schools or establishments that have persons testing positive to COVID-19 is the prerogative of respective schools and establishments and the NCC only advises on the COVID-19 protocols where there is a confirmed case.

Dr Esorom said while he has apologised, he again emphasised that COVID-19 was real and urged students, teachers and parents to remain vigilant and observe the health and medical protocols, especially to students who tend to move around in groups.

He said the message is to all citizens and non-citizens alike in the country.

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