Donations for COVID Response

PNG Forest Authority (PNGFA) has donated three Techray Oxygen concentrators to the Sinasina Yongomugl District in the Chimbu Province to assist in fighting the increase of cases in the province.

Forests Minister, Walter Schnaubelt said PNGFA used its small development funds to purchase 15 Concentrators units, which are being distributed to the districts that have been selected by the Health Department to be potential hot spot for outbreak.

Member for Sinasina Yongomugl, Kerenga Kua was present to receive the donations from the Authority, which have been approved by the Department of Health.

He thanked Minister Schnaubelt the PNG Forest Board Chairman, Keith Iduhu and management for the oxygen concentrators.

"My district is in the rural area and logistically it’s difficult because of its remoteness. We have health centres that can look after patients with these machines. It’s very timely because the statistics in Chimbu have increased and our district has been affected.

“We are ready for vaccination but the roll out hasn’t reached us and I’m calling on the government to supply my district so that the people can be vaccinated quickly. Thank you for the donation and for servicing our citizens from the Forest sector.”

Loop Author