Delta variant warning

Public health expert, and Deputy Controller of the National Pandemic Response Dr Esorom Daoni has issued a warning against the new Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

Currently, the Delta variant has spread to at least 98 countries with low vaccinated coverage; it has made its way to neighboring countries including Australia, Indonesia and Fiji, prompting PNG to tighten up all entry points.

He warned that unvaccinated people are at more risk to themselves and to others, if they become infected.

Dr. Daoni says 70% immunization coverage will enable PNG to Slow the pandemic, as well as Prevent further the spread of this dangerous variant.

He stressed that those infected become the only source of new COVID-19 variants because they will harbor the virus and spread them.

To prevent PNG from this variant, steps are being taken including more than 21 days of quarantine period for people traveling Into PNG; and that they be tested after every 7 days for that period of time.

Salome Vincent