Controller’s stance on police abuse

Police commanders at every level will be held responsible if their members continue to harass and intimidate the public.

Since the commencement of the state of emergency, citizens have raised concerns of harassment, intimidation and extortion at especially police roadblocks.

State of Emergency Controller, David Manning, issued a warning after urging members of the force to serve the people with honesty, integrity and dedication.

“Common courtesy must be applied to all members of the public,” stated Manning. “The Prime Minister’s message to all members of the police force is that a kind voice in this harsh time can go a long way towards easing the discomfort and difficult circumstance many of our people are in. Should this advice fall on deaf ears, I am holding every commander at the station and provincial level responsible for the conduct of their members.

“Members of the public are advised to report any abusive conduct by members of the police force on the Police Internal Affairs hot line telephone number 320 2634.

“I assure you that your complaints will be immediately investigated and action taken.”

Manning further reassured the nation that they are doing their level best to ensure that citizens are not further inconvenienced.

“Over the coming days we will continue to inform you of our efforts to ensure that life can get back to the new normal with COVID-19.”

Carmella Gware