Church Leaders Uncertain

The Body of Christ Church (BOC) leaders expressed mixed reactions to the issue of COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent vaccination against the virus.

They expressed their thoughts at a press conference yesterday, Friday 5th of November, led by BOC Deputy Chairman, Pastor Michael Wilson, in which a 21-day prayer and fasting was called.

He said the churches had met previously and discussed the issues surrounding COVID-19, which had affected the daily lives of everyone.

He related to the two precious 21-day prayer and fast, which were held during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and second wave in 2020 and 2021.

“On behalf of all the senior pastors, I want to say that God heard our prayers and the first wave we sailed quite well. We believe God had a hand in it, as Pastors, we can confirm to you that God had a hand in it. I can confirm to you that in the world during the first wave, many people died, but PNG was safe. Who did it? We believe God did it as well.

“Though we put our own measures that is nowhere near countries who are well resourced and developed, despite this they were affected big time. We believe God saved us,” Ps Wilson said.

He said that in the second wave was the same and acknowledged the prayer warriors and intercessors. Ps Wilson said it is their belief that the third wave will also be overcome with the same strategy.

“We appeal to you that the God who protected our ancestors is still the same today, and we want to say the God who saved us in the first wave was the God who saved us in the second wave,” said Ps Wilson.

He appealed to Christians to change their ways and style of living, humble themselves, and return to God because safety is only in God.

During the conference, President of Evangelical Alliance churches Ps. Mathias Hamaga, representing 21-member church denominations gave the view and stand of EA on the Coronavirus.  

“Most important thing I want to announce to the nation that EAPNG is declaring a war against Coronavirus in the 21-days. When we are in the war, we are at war against Coronavirus and we know that it is man-made.

“We know that the vaccine is also manmade and that people are living in fear. We are against fear, God is against fear. We know that fear is the one that’s leading us to destruction,” Ps. Mathias Hamaga said.

He appealed to Christians and encouraged its members to not fear the Corona virus but fear God only, who will destroy both the spirit and the physical being.

Frieda Kana