Cardinal Ribat: Vaccine A Blessing From God

The Papua New Guinea Council of Churches has declared its support for the COVID-19 vaccines as a tool to protect our people from sicknesses and deaths due to Coronavirus.

With much debate on whether people should take the vaccine circulating, the Council of Churches has made its stand in support and is encouraging Papua New Guineans to take the vaccines.

Today, the Council launched a handbook of the Churches perspective on COVID-19 vaccine title “I am my brother’s/sister’s keeper.

Council of Churches Chairman, Sir Cardinal John Ribat encouraged all churches to come out and talk about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines.

“People are dying and it is important that churches come out to talk about the vaccines. Many people are ignorant therefore, churches must go out and be that voice.

“God has blessed us with these vaccines. The intention of these vaccines is to save lives,” said Cardinal Ribat.

He said misinformation on the COVID-19 vaccines has caused people to be ignorant and complacent.

“We now need church leaders to give their congregations accurate information about vaccines and combat myths that are causing people to avoid vaccines to the detriment of their heath and community wellbeing.”

About 11,000 copies of the handbook will be distributed to seven mainline churches throughout the country, where church leaders are encouraged to do awareness at their respective congregations and encourage their members to take the vaccine to protect themselves and their families.

Jemimah Sukbat