Call To Repeal Pandemic Act 2020

The Body of Christ Churches has queried the reason behind the government continuing to enforce restrictions when the COVID-19 situation in the country does not seem very serious.

Chairman Pastor Joseph Walters expressed his thoughts after a media conference held at the Tabernacle of Prayer Church hall to declare a three-week prayer vigil for the National General Elections, yesterday.

In referring to the call made by the recent meeting of the Provincial Health leaders during a workshop in Port Moresby recently calling for a nationwide vaccination, Reverend Walters made these comments.

“We want to commend the government of relaxing its requirement for COVID travel for our citizens outside of our country as well as inside the country, we want to commend and thank the government for keeping in mind and considering the plight of some of our overseas families that really want to return home,” Ps. Walters said.

He thinks the government should pursue its plan to repeal the Pandemic Act 2020, because he reckoned the Act is giving unnecessary powers to certain people that may not be accountable to what is happening, and in their opinion it’s having adverse consequences rather than positive ones. 

“So we appeal and request the government to pursue that particular aspect of repealing the pandemic Act and return control back to where it rightly belong. To the parliament and to our elected leaders.”

Rev Walters added that the BOC leaders feel it is proper that elected leaders are in the parliament to make decisions affecting the nation, and not leaving to one or two people to make decisions. 

Frieda Kana