Ban on buai still in effect

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said, the ban of betel-nut in the city will still be effective during this two months lock down.

He made the announcement today, when announcing NCDC’s plan forward during the extension of the SOE lockdown.

Seventy percent of the people living in the city depend on the informal sector for survival. The betel-nut business alone has helped a lot of families in the city and the Central and Gulf Provinces to put food on the table, pay for school fees and to provide for necessary needs.

During  Thursday ‘s Parliament sitting, Governor for Gulf Chris Haiveta called on the NCD Governor to re-consider the ban placed on betel-nut trading, as people in the informal sector are badly affected, especially during this lockdown.

“A lot of our people in the informal sector reply on betel-nut for their income”

Today, NCD Governor Powes Parkop said the ban remains effective. And while he understands the dependency on betelnut sale, there is a higher risk of this local commodity, spreading coronavirus.

“This is a type of practice that where it is the easiest way which this virus will explode in our country”

Instead he said, people should consider other ways of generating income.

Governor Parkop said NCDC is working closely with Central and Gulf Province provincial authorities to look at another win-win situation, such as bringing in garden food to sell, as an alternative.

“The NCDC task force is working closely with Hon. Robert Agarobe and Governor Chris Haiveta from Gulf Province that we align our plan together so we try to ease the burden that is place on our people”

Jemimah Sukbat