Athletes Must Consider Vaccination

Deputy Controller, Dr. Daoni Esorom said sporting codes should consider vaccination as a requirement for the existence of their competitions.

Dr. Daoni Esorom says sporting codes affiliated under the PNG Sports Foundation must consider vaccination of sportsmen and women and even the administrators of the code to safeguard the competitions.


He reminded them that sports are high risk events where the COVID-19 virus can spread if preventive measures are not adopted at the early stages of the commencement of the competitions.


He said there are also important criteria for all sporting codes to meet in order for the competition to begin.


  • A letter of request to the controller, requesting for the competition to start.
  • Respective codes to have their own COVID-19 protocols which are to be submitted together with the letter of request.
  • No spectators be allowed for at least two months until further notice.
  • Although vaccination is mandatory, every sporting codes should consider vaccination to protect sportsmen and women and its administrators.


To date, out of the 16 sporting codes which have been given the approval, only rugby league and cricket have taken steps to ensure its sportsmen and women are vaccinated. 


Dr. Daoni said they are using the national rugby league competition as a template for the other sports to follow to ensure that all the national and local sports have COVID-19 protocols and to ensure their players and the administrators are vaccinated.


He commended the administrators of rugby league and cricket in complying to COVID-19 protocols, said the real test now is to ensure all COVID-19 protocols are strictly adhered to.

Salome Vincent