Adventist church donates bibles

The Seventh Day Adventist Church Eastern Highlands and Simbu Mission have donated 1,116 bibles to the Goroka Hospital to support the work of the health workers in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

With permission granted by the Provincial Health Authority CEO, Dr. Joseph Apa, the church erected an altar within the hospital premises so they can hold continuous prayer to bring hope to those infected by the virus.

President Pastor Joanis Fezamo who handed over the bibles on behalf of the SDA Eastern Highlands & Simbu missions, said they have been hearing about weird incidences happening within the hospital and among the COVID-19 patients. They discerned that these were not normal but were attacks from the devil.

“We are fighting what is happening up on the surface, but there are some spiritual sources underneath who are working behind the scene and on the surface we see the victim,” Ps Joanis said.

“We are here praying for you all, asking God to intervene, because it’s an opportunity for the devil. Bible insait (inside) long John 10:10 em itok (says) ‘the thief cometh’ referring to Satan. The thief, the devil cometh to steal, to kill and destroy people’s life,” He added.

In addition to the bibles they also committed K20,000 to the Provincial Health Authority for any expenses they would like to make in regards to the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The church will make payment according to quotations provided.  

In receiving the gifts, Dr. Apa said the management and staff and patients are pleased with the SDA Church - Simbu and Eastern Highlands mission - for coming in a big way to assist because the Goroka circuit, which included Goroka District, Unggai Bena and Daulo, had taken turns in supplying food to the hospital kitchen.

Frieda Kana