Abau District in lockdown

​Abau District is in lockdown after ‘Persons of Interest’ had samples taken for COVID-19 testing.

Central Governor, Robert Agarobe, said a Rapid Response team was dispatched on March 31st to a logging site where the ‘Persons of Interest’ were located.

Governor Agarobe said the ‘Person of Interest’ were tracked to Bam,  Abau District.

It is understood they are expatriates working at a logging site in the Cloudy Bay area.

“Many of youy may have heard through unofficial means or on social media of a suspected case or two in Abau. I have been advised that a Rapid Response Team from NOC19 was dispatched to Bam yesterday morning to get samples to be sent to IMR in Goroka for testing.

“So at the moment, there is no need to panic. We have stepped up police operations in Abau, so that we just contain that area, until results get back from IMR which should be in the next day or two,” said the Governor.

He added “In the interim it has been agreed that Abau District will go into a lockdown until such time clearance is given.”

As additional measure, Governor Agarobe is seeking support from Prime Minister to shut down logging operations indefinitely.

“I will be seeking the Prime Ministers endorsement of having all logging operations closed until further notice.”

Police are on the ground and will enforce the lock down until the tests results return.

Cedric Patjole