17K Vaccinated In Western

CEO of Daru General Hospital Dr Niko Wuatai says since the ban of public gatherings and increased COVID-19 awareness in Western Province, numbers of COVID-19 cases have dropped dramatically.

Dr Wuatai said COVID-19 measures and protocols are also being maintained.

Still in a lockdown state, Western Province health facilities have scaled down operations to allow staff to manage man power and resources in case of an outbreak in the hospital setting.

In Daru, the last COVID-19 admission was on September 27, 2021. Prior to that, there were five admissions; all were asymptomatic.

There’s been six COVID-19-related deaths reported at Daru Hospital.  Dr Wuatai said the number of reported COVID-19 cases has dropped though.

According to Dr Wuatai, it is anticipated that the lockdown could be lifted. He said similar processes are being followed in other provincial centers like Kiunga, Balimo and Tabubil.

Although the hospital has had some concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus, the spikes have lessened.

“Being on the border of two other countries, Australia and Indonesia, South Fly is in the middle of the pandemic and the worst that could happen is the increased rate of COVID-19 positive cases. But somehow the number of COVID-19 cases have lessened. If we can keep things that way and follow the COVID-19 measures, wear must and practice social distancing, then no one will be in danger of contracting COVID-19,” said Dr Wuatai.

Dr Wuatai said vaccination roll out is ongoing, but remains challenging as many remain skeptical about the vaccines.

Dr Wuatai said, “We have set up tents in all four corners of the town. People are encouraged to come forward and get vaccinated. Vaccination is the only way to protect oneself. If people are unsure of the vaccination then what else is there to stop the spread of the virus?”

The doctor reported that at least seventeen thousand people in Western Province have been vaccinated.

Godwin Eki