‘No Vax Card, No Entry’

As part of its new measures to control the surge in the COVID-19 and Delta variant cases, the Central Province Administration and government will only allow persons with vaccination cards into its headquarters in Konedobu.

Acting Provincial Administrator and Provincial Controller, Francis Koaba, in a circular dated October 20 2021, stated that due to the surge in COVID-19 and the Delta Variant related deaths within NCD and Central Province, only persons showing their vaccination card will be permitted to Central Provincial Government headquarters.

In an earlier circular, Koaba also appealed to all the Provincial Administration staff and their families to get vaccinated.

He said this is to protect and safeguard officers, their colleagues at the workplace, their families and their communities.

The Central Provincial Health Authority (CPHA) medical officers are at the headquarters in Konedobu, administering the Johnston & Johnston (J&J) vaccine to officers and staff of the provincial administration on voluntary basis.

Acting Administrator Koaba, through the circular notice is appealing to all the people of Central Province to be vaccinated and strictly follow the new normal protocols. 

CPHA officers have reported that 64 public servants across Central Provincial Administration have already received their J&J vaccination, out of the 309 staff in the province.

Press Release