‘No Jab, No Job’ Causing Chaos: Namah

Leader of the Opposition, Belden Norman Namah said he has not and will never incite any protest marches during the COVID-19 Pandemic but is not surprised that such moves are afoot.

He said: “There is no need for me or anybody else to incite the public to protest and the Prime Minister, James Marape is doing enough inciting with his confusing policy signals, and draconian orders. 

Namah said the Prime Minister has announced that vaccination is not compulsory but he then came out supporting a 'No Jab, No Job' work place practice of the private sector. 

“Now the entire public sector is promoting 'No Jab, No Job', making it government policy by default. This has increased the number of unemployed adding to the 3600 Porgera Gold Mine workers out of work, when PM Marape closed the mine including the 7000 forestry workers unemployed, when he increased log export taxes from 35 percent to 59 percent.

With that more than 1000 mine workers and employees in Lihir Gold Mine have resigned because of the 'No Jab, No Job’ work place safety.

He said there are no political interests behind the protests and what was happening is the people’s reaction to a situation where their rights and freedom are taken away.

“I have said this on the floor of Parliament and I say it again. Our freedom is God given at birth and must be respected. The Right to freedom is an unqualified right at birth. “Therefore, nobody be it governments or corporations can take that away from us. We have the freedom and liberty to choose. 

He added that people are protesting the removal of that basic right to choose and that this is not like the polio or measles vaccines, where one jab is given that covers you for life. 
Adding that the COVID-19 vaccine does not fully protect or stop one from transmitting the virus to others.

Namah said that vaccination requires a second booster shot. He stated that in countries like Denmark, England and lsrael where government has lifted restrictions as infection is spiking, especially among those fully vaccinated, pacing the way for third booster shots. 

“Our people must have a choice to choose whether or not to be vaccinated and that choice is a God given freedom that must be respected."

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