Yu Em Khax ‘magician’ is touch of class at first audition

Making a scarf float into mid-air without touching it is one act that stood out from the Yu Em Khax Port Moresby Audition’s, according to Judge Calextus Simeon.

“We know it’s just a trick but it blew our minds watching the scarf literally lift from the ground as the magician lifted his hands without physical contact. This is the quality we are looking for,” Simeon has stressed.

The team will be travelling to Lae to scout unique talents from the province this weekend.

“I am expecting more b-boys or break dance crews trying out from Lae because this is where break dancing started. There should also be a lot of acting and at least one or two traditional dances or cotemporary in that matter,” Simeon says.

Speaking with Loop PNG regarding Port Moresby auditions, Simeon said the turnout was not as expected.

“I think it’s because Port Moresby has a lot of competitions which presents them with many opportunities or basically because there is no cash-price announcement made yet. Competitors need a motivating factor and for Port Moresby, many acts are money driven,” he added.

Simeon however is expecting a bigger turnout for other auditions:

Lae                         -              Saturday 12 November, Lae International hotel (registration: 10am - 12pm)

Mt Hagen                -              Saturday 19 November, venue yet to be advised

Kokopo                   -              Saturday 26 November, venue yet to be advised

Alotau                     -              Saturday 3 December, venue yet to be advised

He believes the Alotau audition in particular will put the benchmark on creativity.

“These people are exposed to tourists every week and have banked on art and creativity to attract more so I believe Alotau has a lot in store for us.”

NOTE the following information for entry:

  • Auditions are unplugged, so no musical instruments will be used.
  • Contestants must be 18 years and above to participate.
  • All acts must be LESS than 3 minutes
  • All Performers must be 18 years old and above
  • All Acts must provide their OWN props, costumes or music.  
Gloria Bauai