Youths urged to make a change for the future

Youths in Milne Bay Province and throughout the country are encouraged to turn away from drugs and homebrew and make a change in their communities.

With the rise in homebrew consumption among youths, Milne Bay provincial youth coordinator Vicky Wesley urges youths to stay away from consuming homebrew and drugs as these are illegal.

She said it’s time for youths to change but it’s up to every individual to make the change within them.

 “If you feel you need to change, the only way out is to say no and say yes to change as the drugs and homebrew will only land you in more trouble and negativity.

“The need to change must come from within you and it takes a lot of boldness and courage to do so.”

Wesley said all sectors need to change as well and police have to change in their approach towards youths.

She said government agencies have to change also in the programs that they roll out as programs must be workable for the youths and sustainable.

“It’s all about coordination, teamwork, follow up, evaluating and monitoring what we roll out in the communities.

“You change and we all must come in as a team to make it happen and make it work,” Wesley said.

Wesley is currently working with youths in her province to come out and surrender illegal items like homemade guns and homebrew equipment.

Quintina Naime