Youngsters surrender home brew equipment

Three youths from East Sepik Province handed over some home brew making canisters to the Western Province police this morning.

The police report that the youths are part of a community initiative in Daru to deal with the law and order issue of youths drinking homebrew.

In a quiet ceremony this morning the three youths handed over the equipment as a sign of good will to the police in the area.

Meantime, the Western Province police have had an issue with home brew and marijuana which has prompted the command to embark on a campaign to rid the area of drugs and home brew.

Part of the campaign sees police use their community policing network to hold talks and encourage youths especially to refrain from such activities.

Home brew has been identified as a major law and order issue in the province among their youths which is why the former PPC Silva started the initiative, addressing the issue in their community talks.

Julianna Waeda