Workshop to identify better tourism marketing strategies

Marketing and managing tourism is critical to ensure that tourism contributes positively to a destination’s economic, social and environmental impacts.

 A tourism marketing workshop is underway in Port Moresby today, highlighting the issue with the theme "Reviewing marketing activities for tourism growth in PNG”.

The workshop aims to gather views from various stakeholders in the industry to assist with a comprehensive tourism planning process.

Tourism Minister Tobias Kulang said marketing must start locally and the marketing goals must be integrated and aligned with development and management. This is to ensure the appropriate messaging and outcomes are delivered.

Kulang challenged the Tourism Promotion Authority to look at how other neighbouring countries like Fiji and Australia market tourism and learn from them.

"We must start investing big in tourism promotion and work towards delivering results for the Tourism Master Plan (TMP) as marketing is one of the main pillars of the plan," Kulang said.

By the end of this workshop, TPA should be able to illustrate the components of the tourism marketing strategy 2015 - 2018, define the best distribution channels to reach specific audiences and evaluate our marketing campaigns.

Quintina Naime