Workshop to deal with reporting of financial results

The Bank of Papua New Guinea, the Asian Development Bank, the Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion (CEFI) and Smart Campaign will be doing a three day CEFI’s Equity Workshop starting tomorrow.

The three day training will look at providing a comprehensive understanding of the Smart Campaign to participants to conduct client protection self assessment for their microfinance institutions and identify vulnerabilities and strengths and to prioritize areas to strengthen client protection.

The training will also partially focus on understanding rules and regulations applicable to Papua New Guinea microfinance markets, as applied by regulators in PNG.

There will also be the signing of a four year partnership between CEFI and the MIX, a non-profit organization that promotes responsible financial services for underserved communities through data analytics and market insight.

The CEFI-MIX partnership will provide PNG, CEFI and key stakeholders with a microfinance industry accepted platform and service for transparent reporting of financial results.

Freddy Mou