Women in the army

Training for women in the army has become specialized to see them go into non-combat fields such as transport, medics and specialized capabilities like legal and flying.

This was the rationale given as to why the training batch has been broken into two batches, one with the full male recruits while the other one is with a mixture of male and female trainees.

PNGDF Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo tells PNG Loop that the next batch of soldiers that will go into the  Goldie training will consist of females as well.

However he would not confirm just how many would be among the recruits group that would be taking up the training.

Toropo says that gender equality is paramount in the PNGDF and  he aims to try to facilitate an understanding in them of seeing women try to gain exposure and go into combat fields as well.

Currently there are no females in the combat units such as infantry and the long range reconnaissance units that see personnel be in a more combat driven fields.