Winds of change for West Papua

NCD governor Powes Parkop has described the Black Brothers’ concert last night as “winds of change”.

Governor Parkop, who has been vocal about West Papua’s fight for freedom, was behind the band's performance as the final activity of PNG’s 41st independence celebrations in Port Moresby.

Black Brothers’ is a well-known West Papuan pop group from Jayapura who went into voluntary exile in Vanuatu in 1979, protesting Indonesian policies in West Papua.

Their music, sung in Tok Pisin, and originally in Bahasa Indonesia included influences from reggae and political elements inspired by the Black Power movement.

The band, performed last night, with a few band members and some audience spotted the ‘morning star’ (Flag of West Papua). At the end of the concert, Lea Rumwaropen of the Black Sisters reminded the audience of the plight of the neighbouring West Papua.

“Break down the border so we can leave as one” was the message she relayed. The band gracing PNG soil over the independence period may be a positive indication to the fight for freedom for West Papua.

(Pictures by Kennedy Bani)

Gloria Bauai