WHO: Health workers have vital role to end gender-based violence

Health workers throughout the country have an important role to play to help end gender-based violence (GBV) in Papua New Guinea.

As reported by Port Moresby General Hospital Family Support Centre (FSC), the centre helps over 100 survivors every month and 12 new cases daily.

WHO country representative to PNG, Dr. Pieter Van Maaren says health workers must work with survivors of violence to help them stay safe and connect them to other service they may need.

Maaren said, “Health workers should ask the right questions, listen with compassion and reassure victims of violence that it is not their fault.

“They must work with stakeholders to raise awareness of the consequences of GBV.”

Maaren added that this call to action is linked to the Global plan of action.

This is to strengthen the role of the health system within a national multi-sectoral response to address interpersonal violence, in particular against women and girls and against children.

Quintina Naime