Wet season, a curse and a blessing

The wet season now experienced in the country could be felt as a blessing or a curse after the El-Nino induced drought.

There had been reports of landslides and bridges wreaked because of continuous rain nationwide.

In the nation’s capital water rationing has become part of their daily lives because of the depleting water stock; residents may say the down pour is a blessing.

PNG Power (PPL) in a statement noted a slight increase in the water level at Sirinumu dam which as seen an uninterrupted fall since the drought started.

PPL said “as of Monday 15, 2016, the water level is 29.5 percent below full spill level, which is 100.2 Million Cubic Metres (MCM), an increase of 1 MCM from last Friday’s 99.16 MCM. “

The dam capacity is 340 MCM.

In an earlier interview with Loop PNG, PPL chief executive officer John Yanis said the dam need continuous rainfall to see water rise because of the creaks in the ground as a result of the long drought.

The National Weather Office predicts the country is heading into the long wet period because of the La-Nina period.

La Niña is associated with prolonged rainfall which led to flooding and landslides and tropical cyclones. 

Charles Yapumi