Western police report drop in drunken driver numbers

Police in Western Province have reported a continued fall in the numbers of drunken drivers according to their traffic statistics over the past four weeks.

So far since the 26th of September, police have arrested 6 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol, 5 passengers for drinking in a moving vehicle and 4 cars have been issued traffic Infringement notices (T.I.N) for being unroadworthy.

Police attribute this decrease to the increase in road checks in and out of the provincial areas.

Meantime a PMV bus was involved in an accident on Friday (October 17th) when the driver was speeding and flipped the car on the side of the road.

At the time of the accident, the driver was driving by himself on the way back to his home after being on the road.

The driver has been charged with drinking in a moving vehicle as well as dangerous driving, endangering the lives of others.

Julianna Waeda