Weightlifters on the edge

The moment of truth for the Papua New Guinean weightlifting will be determined tomorrow during the monthly weightlifting championships says the NOC president Sir John Dawanincura.

In order to qualify the athletes for the Rio Olympics PNG will have to do better in the Oceania championship, which is in May in Suva, Fiji.

Sir John announced that with most of the weightlifting athletes currently training at home Sandra Ako, Guba Hale, Toua Udia, Steven Kari, Thelma Toua and Dika Toua due to family obligation, traditional obligations and personal glitches, the weightlifting team will not have the firepower to confidently say that they can make it in the qualifiers against the other Pacific’s best.

“Steven Kari by choice taking trainings at home and there are no objections, but for him to participate in the Rio Olympics he must compete in our monthly competitions which he hasn’t been doing to take maximum required lifts that we can confidently say he will participate but let’s just hope he competes tomorrow,” Sir John said.

However, the moment of truth for the weightlifters will be tomorrow to determine their performance to be able to qualify for the Oceania Championship and then to the Olympics.

Lamech Jinimbo