Walk for Life is not a political drive: Supporter

The 'Walk for Life' campaign by NCD Governor Powes Parkop is not a political drive for the election.

A senior public servant who wanted to remain unanimous told Loop PNG today that the campaign was mainly for health and lifestyle campaign.

He said comments made by Opposition Leader Don Polye on the campaign has nothing to do with the eviction of the old Fuzzy Wuzzy angel in Port Moresby.

"Polye needs to stop such nuisance and concentrate on bigger national issues.

"Most importantly, he must concentrate on law and order issues in his district and not attacking NCD Governor."

He said the Walk for Life campaign has been encouraging city residents to be mindful of their health and take part rather than used as a political tool for the next election.

"I challenge him (Polye) to come and participate in order to see and feel the impact of the campaign.

"He must not use this as an excuse to attack Parkop."

He added that many developments are happening in the city through the interventions of Parkop.

He further stressed that Polye must stop complaining like small children and deliver to his Kande people.

Polye earlier challenged to step in and help the old Fuzzy Wuzzy angel if he is serious about his 'Walk for Life' as this is true the walk for life act.

He further claimed that a real walk for life is where there’s help when a family’s life is under threat and venerable out on the street and not a politically motivated campaign using public office and funds.

Freddy Mou