Walk for Life campaign hits Wewak streets

The message to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live longer as championed by the Governor of the National Capital District Powes Parkop has spread its wings to the East Sepik capital.

Wewak ‘walk for life’ chapter had its inaugural walk on the 20th and 27th of this month spearheaded by local son, Terence Moka.

Speaking to Loop PNG from Wewak, Moka echoed the message of living a healthy life to stop the increasing statistics of deaths caused by lifestyle diseases.

The early morning walk starts opposite Windjammer Motel, following the picturesque Meni Beach route, turning at Wewak Hill, a lap around Wewak Town before rerouting back to where the walk started.

A happy Moka said “the numbers have increased from 50 to 105 participants last Sunday showing that the interest is gaining momentum.”

Meanwhile the Wewak WFL chapter will be headed by chairman Sam Akike.

The 5km walk will continue every Sunday at 5:30am following the same route.


Picture source: Terence Moka.        


Charles Yapumi