Wagambie promises to fight crime in Lae

Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr has promised to fight crime in Lae city, Morobe Province.

Members of the Lae metropolitan command and colleagues from the Australian Federal Police put on a parade during the handover takeover ceremony between former Metropolitan superintendent Iven Lakatani and welcomed Wagambie Jr.

"I will continue on from where the former Met Supt has left. But policing priorities will be focused on motor vehicle thefts, armed robberies, and school fights," he said.

"Lae is a very challenging command because of increasing business activities as well as increased settlements and it is connected by road and sea to many other provinces."

Lae MP Loujaya Kouza, Lae Chamber of Commerce president Allan McLay, former police boss Peter Aigilo (COP), Giossi Labi (ACP Momase retired) and OIC Public Solicitor Anna Raymond were among the invited guests.

Lakatani reverts to his former position as the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) for Human Resources at police headquarters.

Wagambie Jr said there were no quick fix solutions to the crime problems in Lae but they will give their best.

He plans to visit settlements and have audiences with settlers about the policing partnership.

He re-emphasized the need for policing partnership as a way to reduce crimes in the city.

"I again call upon on all of us, police and communities, as well as the business communities to join hands to fight crime," he said.

He said they will continue to work alongside their AFP counterparts to strengthen their policing partnership programs.

Bustin Anzu