Vote of no-confidence is a ‘time waster’ says Tkatchenko

The coalition government is intact and the Opposition sponsored Vote of no-confidence motion is a time waster says Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko.

“Peoples National Congress Party and your Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is totally intact,” Tkatchenko told Loop PNG by phone from the Milne Bay capital.  

“We have 80 members here in Alotau, and we look forward in going and defeating this vote of no-confidence in our prime minister showing rest of the country that we are all united as one and can get back to our jobs.

“We have got work to do, and we cannot waste our time with the vote of no-confidence that is only serving the personally interests of individuals, we are right behind the prime minister and we will back him all the way,”  Tkatchenko said.

He added that his ministry will be hosting major domestic and international sporting events and he needs return to work after the VONC this Friday.

The FIFA World Cup and PNG Games will be held later this year and Rugby League World Cup next year.  

Meanwhile, the coalition government is expected to return to Port Moresby tomorrow.


Charles Yapumi