VC Update: Robbers scaled roof to get in

The Vision City mall is back to business as usual after its shut down yesterday due to a robbery scare.

However PNG Loop has confirmed that there were three suspects and not two as earlier reported.

Vision City Mega Mall acting general manager Anderson Ting says that on review of footage, it was found that the two men spotted in the store climbed through a hole they made on the roof of the store.

The hole was then guarded by another man, the third suspect who lowered the two on ropes onto the store floor.

Ting says that the two men broke into the main RH shop and stole an undisclosed amount of  coins as well as cigarettes packs which they hoisted up on the ropes to their waiting accomplice.

However, he says that the two men remained trapped in the store after they realised that they could not climb back up to the hole in the roof.

This was what prompted the guards to shut the store when they monitored the cameras and realised that the two did not climb out.

However, Ting says that they now suspect that the two men managed to give them the slip with the first lot of staff and early morning shoppers who were removed from the mall when they realised that there had been a break in.

Ting adds that while the police have images from the mall cameras identifying them would be difficult at they were all wearing masks.

Investigations are continuing.

Julianna Waeda