Vanuatu beats Tonga in 2nd hockey match

Vanuatu beat Tonga just after lunch today in the second match of the men's hockey competition.

The third ranking country in the  Pacific islands, Vanuatu,  gave newcomers Tonga an upsetting 20 point margin, winning 21-1.

Vanuatu scored 5 points to Tonga 1 in the first 15 minutes of the match.

The second period of the match saw Vanuatu taking advantage of the inexperienced Tonga side, scoring more to boost the lead  to 15-1.

They maintained their lead with 6 more points in the last 15 minute period, preventing the newcomers who only had 3 months of games preparation from scoring and won the match 21-1.

Matches will continue after lunch. 

Sally Pokiton