UPNG students still continue boycotting of classes

Though doors to lecture rooms at the University of Papua New Guinea have been opened, students are still refusing to attend classes.

A second year law student, who did not want to be named, told Loop PNG today that as per the advice of the academic senate, the student representative council has ensured that all the lecture room doors are open.

“But the rooms are empty. The students have decided not to attend classes today.”

A similar situation is happening at the School of Medical and Health Sciences at Three-Mile.

A medical student told Loop PNG: “There’s also a sit-in protest here at the Medical Faculty. We the students have made the decision ourselves to not attend classes.”

During yesterday’s rally at the UPNG Forum Square, Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar urged the students to go back to class.

“I appeal to the University of Papua New Guinea, University of Technology, University of Goroka and University of Vudal, in Rabaul, to get back to class. It is our responsibility as future leaders of the country.”

Tabar then told the students that he would receive their petition on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, but his words were drowned by more than 5,000 students chanting: “O’Neill!”

He was forced to return empty-handed.

UPNG is currently planning a strategy for its next move.

(The closed doors of the Arts Theatre yesterday at the main UPNG campus, Waigani.)

Carmella Gware